Our jourNey

We’re part of Advantage Solutions, which offers customizable sales, marketing, technology, foodservice, and talent and business services in more than 40 countries.

Over the past three decades, Advantage has worked with more than half of the Fortune 100 companies, providing solutions to their toughest business challenges. Pushed to take an introspective look at our own processes, we focused on talent acquisition, a key differentiator for Advantage.

We’ve honed our craft by piloting platforms, investing in the latest technologies, implementing AI chatbots, developing our team and analyzing thousands of data points. When we saw significant time and cost savings, we knew we had developed something exceptional.

Now, having perfected a suite of streamlined talent acquisition solutions, we solve other companies’ talent acquisition challenges and offer a dedicated team to do a portion or all of the work.

Whether you need talent sourcing support or are looking for a full-cycle recruiting revamp, Advantage Talent Services can help.

Our LeaderS

Adeem Fenster
Senior Vice President,
Talent Acquisition & Workforce Management
Becky Wilkinson
Vice President,
Talent Acquisition
Thomas Knight
Talent Acquisition &
Employment Marketing
Soaliha Lakhani
Senior Manager Operations,
Corporate Operational Analytics & Workforce Management